Food Safety

Food Safety

Combined efforts of experts and regulators

Everybody deserves to have food that is safe and healthy to consume. Glufosinate-ammonium as well as other crop protection tools must be thoroughly assessed by public authorities to determine safety thresholds. » more

Operator Safety

Operator Safety

30 years of safe use

Glufosinate-ammonium has been used safely for 30 years, and to-date, there have been no known cases of harm to humans when it has been applied according to label instructions. To ensure worker’s safety, experts have also established strict guidelines. » more



Minimizing environmental impact

Glufosinate-ammonium has been rigorously tested through lengthy trials for environmental safety. When label instructions are followed, the product does not contaminate the environment and is safe for animals. » more



Putting safety first

Several product stewardship initiatives instruct farmers on how to minimize potential exposure to the products as well as impact on the environment through good agricultural practices. » more

Glufosinate-ammonium in 3 minutes


Benefits: Sustainability

Modern agriculture

Modern agriculture, sustainable solutions

Glufosinate-ammonium brings many benefits by improving soils and reducing erosion, reducing energy use and improving agricultural productivity. » more


Bayer will be funding three future projects developed by young food security advocates that focus on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals of Gender Equality, Quality Education, and Responsible Consumption and Production. The three projects were presented during the 2017 Youth Ag-Summit in Brussels and won the funding prizes of EUR 3,000, EUR 5,000, and EUR 10,000 respectively. Third place went to “Imperfect Picks” that aims to enable a broader cultural shift towards accepting food that appears blemished but is still of good quality. Second place went to “Seeds of Change” that will promote agriculture in schools through young agricultural champions, in order to bridge the disconnect between people who consume, and people who produce food. The first place was awarded to the group “AGRIKUA” whose project focuses on promoting Gender Equality (SDG 5) in the agricultural sector.

» more

Why GA helps farmers: apples

What is Glufosinate-ammonium?

It is one of the most effective herbicides available for treating weeds in orchards, vineyards and other herbicide-resistant LibertyLink crops such as soybeans, corn, canola or cotton. Crucially, its distinguishing chemistry and ‘mode of action’ help farmers avoid weed resistance.

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